20MeterBreit live @ Lovelite | Tour Kick-off Revisited


Hamburg´s finest Postrockers Korall and Berlin´s Kickass-Pop-Combo Forelle Blau opened the fantastic night at the super packed and almost sauna-like Lovelite club in Berlin Friedrichshain.

We played last and launched a nice and noisy set. Lots of wahoo, tralala and super juicy rrrrocking feedback including performances on bent stilts, a very short bingo game in a mongolian version and a no-make-up-beauty contest with all participants disguised as Teen Wolf 3.

For reasons still unknown a finnish newspaper team took pictures and interviews (can u pls send some pics? Thanks!)

Btw, we´re flying out of Berlin tomorrow afternoon…see you all healthy and happy in New Zealand!





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  1. sansense says:

    Thank you! Found a piece of spinat-käse-börek in my pocket next day. Like a bookmark to remind me that evening…but lost my voice, literally. If you’ll find it down under, pls bring back!

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