• Attack Vegetaria / 12 Songs / 2008 – 2012

    Cmd. Chicken Wings: „This record was our legacy. One last attempt to conserve the band´s lunacy. We recorded the whole thing in a few hours. Later on I heard rumors the guys all had left. Not only the band, but to different countries, actually.“

  • Nachts im Kaufhaus / 5 Songs / 2006


    2- Shell: „As a matter of fact all I wanted to do was a little shopping. The other guys hung out in front of the supermarket and asked me if I wanted to jam with them. I had a wee bit of time left and was foolish enough to say yes. The next day they forced me to record this album with them.“

  • Noisette / 6 Songs / 2005


    Feedbackboy: „After 18 months of touring Berlin the band was about to split. We simply were burnt out, physically and mentally at the end. Noisette was our therapy. The power of rock music revived our semipermeable cells. We instantly realized it was better not to communicate with each other any longer but to simply keep on making noise.“

  • Wir nennen Dich Rock! / 9 Songs / 2003


    Captain Goo: „Winter was long and cold. We didn´t even have money to turn on the heating. Instead we sat there freezing in the dark folding record covers. It probably is our most commercial album, though unfortunately again the world wouldn´t listen.“

  • Grosser Wagen / 4 Songs / 2003


    Cmd. Chicken Wings: „All we wanted to do was a good album, but we didn´t really know how to achieve a goal like that yet. There were these new computer things, back then as big as an oversized fridge. Everybody said “you gotta do it digitally”, but nobody really knew what that actually meant, still it sounded so cool and futuristic. We originally recorded 11 songs, due to problems still unsolved we could keep only 4. Those 4 still sucked.“

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