A super-duper-ultra-big thank-you!

Hey hey! It has been absolutely fantastic to be able to play and enjoy our little German Voodoo Böckwürst Tour 2012 in gorgeous New Zealand.
All of this would have never been possible without the unbelievable hospitality and generosity of Corynne and Pete from Taumarunui, who not only provided us with the absolute necessity of an awesome drumkit and a bass amplifier but also let us stay several times in their beautiful home and simply gave us their cool car when we needed one. Corynne´s outstanding cooking skills made us never want to leave again, in fact I haven´t yet.
Martin from awesome Noise Rockers God bows to Math and Matt from Math Rock superheroes Captain Sergeant Major and Force Fields were not only supercool and welcoming but also did help us a lot with their contacts to other awesome Kiwi bands (Black Pudding, Hollywoodfun downstairs) and they also let us use their amps and whatever other equipment we needed, e.g. when my string broke at Auckland´s Whammy Bar Martin simply gave me his guitar, cheers bro! It was very cool to see familiar faces in the crowd at our first New Zealand gig, Bob, Lew, Nigel and Gabb came to the noisy show.
Gemma did not only manage our show at MightyMighy in Wellington, she also gave us lots of more than useful information on how to book and organize and especially promote gigs and has pro-actively held contact and hooked us up with Force Fields, too. Thanks a million, Gemma!
Sally mixed sound and supervised the stage very relaxed and enormously well and also let the housebroken part of the band crash in her house, too…woohoo!
Jack who runs Wanganui´s real cool party club Space Monster was the first one to book us, thumbs up for that (and the fantastic party, too)!
Gabb aka Juan Unda packed his musical gear and P.A. in his car, hauled it over to Yvette and Simon´s gorgeous place where (we stayed and enjoyed the unbelievable atmosphere and BBQ and) we could rehearse our set, something that proved to be an absolute necessity, too. Thank you Yvette, Simon and Gabb. Also Gabb has headbangingly attended the gigs in Auckland AND Hamilton, now that´s real commitment. Yeah!
The Levin Disc Golf Brother and Sisterhood did not only travel to Wellington to see us, but also invited us to stay with them and prepared a fantastic barbecue followed by a cool party, thx so much, brothers and sisters!
Biddy Mulligan´s in Hamiton is an Irish Pub but also a music venue run by super-friendly people, P.A. man Chris provided a very good stage sound, it made our last gig not only sound well but encouraged us to finish the whole thing in a mind-frying 7 minute or so feedback and noise inferno, tralala!
Also our german fans Rue and Schumi actually did what everybody thought of as ultracrazy, they really booked flights and accompanied us on the road, thumbs and 2 or 3 other fingers up for that, too!

Thank you.
Hoping to be back soon…

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  1. rue says:

    Wonderful Text to read, and so true. Kiwis are a really lovely bunch of people.

    And you were so great as well! Thanks for letting me join this unique Tour of my favorite Schülerband aller Zeiten.

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